Ella is a wonderful human being. For 35 years I have had an authentic friend and mentor to help me exude confidence in my abilities, and to reach for the stars. With Ella, I have grown to know love and strength within myself.

Randy SeidmanInternational Music Artist

Ella’s work is amazing. She has a keen sense of where and how to touch your life, allowing for your maximum potential. During my labor, the back pain that accompanied my contractions were severe. Ella relieved the pain and helped me focus on what I had to do to push through each contraction.

Wendy Barry-SingerProfessional Dancer

Before I met Ella I was unwell in body, mind and soul. Her patience helped me realize how to renew myself to healthy living. Ella’s compassion and her ability to impart wisdom gave me the focus I needed to reach my full potential. She has continued to enhance and improve my journey.  I am so lucky to experience Ella’s profound sense of peace, motivation, and healing.

Paul LewinIT Professional

Reaching out to Ella was a smart decision. She is a wise, relatable and positive person, always with realistic and understandable advice. Confiding in Ella was calming for me, I felt like I was carefully listened to. She always follows up to see how I am doing which helps on my low-energy days. I’m grateful for the beautiful bond we have formed overtime. 

Christina GrandalBeauty Therapist

Sometimes labor can be so intense and physical, and at other times almost totally an inward journey. It takes a special and sensitive person to be in tune with the whole person. At my labor and delivery, Ella was both an anchor and a gentle loving connection. I wish I had her at all my children’s births.

Mary BonderovHomemaker

I have known Ella for over 30 years.  She has experience with multiple disciplines, medical & physical treatments.  Through her kind and compassionate listening, she is able to understand you and offer very helpful guidance in many areas.  I always feel better after speaking with her.

Nancy TownsendTownsend Appraisals

Your dedication and hard work are second to none. And my heartfelt appreciation goes out to you. You are one in a million.

Jeffrey RolstinObstetrician

I have worked with Ella many times over the past 20 years. With her I have always felt cared for, supported and inspired to grow. I cannot imagine going through life’s challenges without her.

Jeri WilsonSocial Worker

Ella is an all around stellar person. She puts her heart and soul into her work and makes you a number one priority. I always feel cared for and heard when I am interacting with Ella. I cannot recommend enough!

Ashley FrostProduct Manager